Uncertain where to start? Explore these helpful tips and guides designed to navigate you through every step of the process.


Defining your goals in a renovation involves a comprehensive process of identifying and articulating your desired outcomes and objectives for the project.

Find your

Finding your style in renovation ensures a cohesive and personalized design, reflecting your preferences and creating a harmonious aesthetic throughout the space.

Our Cabinetry dealers are able to provide space planning and product designs to meet your expectations. This is the pivotal phase where goals are defined, budgets are set, and style preferences, color schemes, materials, and hardware choices are carefully considered.

Set a

Setting a budget for a renovation is essential to manage costs, guide decision-making, and ensure financial stability throughout the project.

Choosing color /
Material / Hardware

Choosing colors and materials is pivotal in renovation, defining the ambiance, functionality, and visual appeal of a space in one cohesive design.

2.Work with professionals
Find a

Our company's distributors are spread nationwide.

Discuss with

Discuss product options, design preferences, budget alignment, delivery details, warranties, communication channels, and payment terms with the retailer for a well-informed renovation decision.

Collaborating with a professional is a pivotal stage in your project journey. It involves partnering with a retailer, preparing the designated area, engaging in detailed discussions with the retailer, and jointly creating a comprehensive design plan.


Area preparation within the installation stage is the essential groundwork, ensuring a clean and accessible space for a smooth and successful transformation.

Create a
design plan

The dealer will consolidate the specifics into a comprehensive design plan, encompassing a layout, material choices, colors, and other renovation details.

3.Installation process
Working with

When working with a professional installer, prioritize clear communication, verify their expertise, secure a detailed contract, ensure compliance with regulations, discuss materials and project management, agree on payment terms, inquire about after-service support, and consider their reputation for a successful collaboration.

Install DIY

Installing the cabinet is straightforward, and we offer instructional videos to guide you through the process.

The installation stage is where your vision starts to take shape. Whether you're handling it yourself or relying on professionals, this crucial phase marks the transformation of plans into reality.


Area preparation within the installation stage is the essential groundwork, ensuring a clean and accessible space for a smooth and successful transformation.

4.Enjoy your space
Final Inspection

During the final inspection, meticulously check cabinet alignment, stability, functionality, and overall quality to ensure a flawless installation.


Ensuring a wood-friendly environment with controlled temperature and humidity levels maintains both your comfort and the long-term stability and lifespan of your cabinetry, promising a lifetime of use and satisfaction. Please refer to the 'Product Care' page for further details.

After the installation, conduct a thorough inspection to ensure the cabinets are securely in place, make any necessary adjustments for alignment or functionality and clean the area to complete the space to your satisfaction.


We warrant our cabinetry to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of the original purchase.